Saturday, January 31, 2009

Out and About 300109

Spent the day at the Dempsey area and the Singapore Botanic Gardens with my mum and sis. Going out always means another opportunity to take more photos...and when that opportunity swings by, I can't wait to start snapping away :)

While walking into the Dempsey area via the 'forested' route, I spotted ( pun intended) two Spotted Doves (Streptopelia chinensis) among the vegetation. They kept moving around but luckily one kept still for a moment so I managed to snap a pic of it!

Framed against the dark green foliage of the other trees in the background, this tree, with its light green leaves dancing merrily in the zephyr, provided a stark yet pleasing contrast.

I wonder how old this tree must be.

...with their bare branches reaching out into the sky.

Seed pods of some kind.

Ah ha! On our way out via the Tanglin Village path, a squirrel scampered up a tree at the sound of our approach (oops).

Next stop, the Singapore Botanic Gardens! I haven't been there in nearly a decade. This plant with its distinctive flowers greets visitors who stroll past the garden.

These are some of the paper cranes (folded by the students from Nanyang Primary) which hang from the Tree of Prosperity in the Gardens itself.

Very Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-ish, I feel. Can you spot the octopus and other sea creatures?
This is just one of the numerous wood carvings we saw along the way to the er..toilet. The library is the same way, actually.
I love playing with the macro function of my camera..hehe.

It's not always good to look down, but in some cases, you never will know what you may find. I tried to 'stalk' it, but it moved quickly and was soon out of sight. I'm not sure, but I think it might be a White-breasted Waterhen (Amaurornis phoenicurus).

We saw many beautiful flowers along the way to Swan Lake...

...and of course, what's Swan Lake without its resident swans (the other stayed at the far end of the lake).

Another shot taken by my sis :)

Didn't manage to explore the entire Gardens as it was close to evening by the time we got there. Hope to visit the place again...and soon!

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