Sunday, January 25, 2009

Under the Stars at Pasir Ris Park 150109

A couple of days later, I was back out in the 'wild' with a couple of friends - this time at Pasir Ris night! It was really chilly when we got there and the strong wind blowing continuously didn't help. The cold did keep away the mozzies though. Okay, I concede that I'd rather be cold than to 'donate' blood! Apologies in advance for the not-so-good quality of the pics. Shaky hands... Credit goes to Zelin for helping to ID the pics..thanks!

Found this tiny sea urchin taking refuge among the sea lettuce.

Could it be a Heart Urchin (Order Spatangoida) by any chance?

This is probably a Sentinel Crab (Macrophthalmus sp.), half-buried in the sand.

There were quite a few of this Striped Bead Anemone along the beach.

Yellow egg capsules of a drill (Family Muricidae) attached to a rock, possibly that of a Bumpy Drill. The egg capsules of drills are first yellow, but turn purple when the eggs hatch.

A half-emerged hermit crab.

A small goby [perhaps a Plain Goby (Family Gobiidae)?] found in a shallow pool of sea water along the beach.

Walking on, we encountered another Striped Bead Anemone having a snail for dinner...

..and it wasted no time in tucking in!


  1. AH! Possibly a heart urchin but do you have more photos of it? I can't really see properly from your couple of photos here.

    If yes, it'll be another lost chance to see this rare urchin during field trips that I was there. Haha, next time must tell me ok. Hehehehe...

  2. Oh!! Yeah I have a couple more pics..but there're all blurry :( Will send the photos to you via email. Only realised that it might be a heart urchin when I was posting the entry and went to read up more..oops. Yeah! Next time will definitely tell you :) Forgot who it was who spotted it..think it was Samuel.